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Founded in 1911, along the Mississippi in Winona, Minnesota Behrens is committed to creating quality metalware using the best materials, craftsmanship and design.

Behrens quality quickly earned its reputation of providing classic and durable, galvanized containers and soon industries and hardware retailers reached out to Behrens for their multi-use and versatile products. Now, the most hardworking brand you have ever heard of, Behrens NEW Home Industrials™ bring you simple, stylish, sustainable products with a promise to function exceptionally well and possibly last a lifetime. Our Metalware Classics™ delight and surprise your customers, designed to solve a problem, and bring a sense of satisfaction over a lifetime of use.

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Behrens continues to proudly manufacture in Winona, Minnesota. Many things have changed since 1911; fortunately, Behrens quality and versatility are not one of them.

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We are looking for wholesale retailers who want to work hard to share the Behrens heritage and story in person and online.

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Our easy-to-use retailer website provides all the information you need to order online and manage your Behrens account in one place.

Behrens Manufacturing does not approve retailers or allow retailers or wholesalers to buy or resell our products on any 3rd party websites or marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart,, Etsy, Ebay or similar.

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Our People & Sales Support

Since 1911, our mission has remained steady: to empower the success of our retail customers. Behrens shares with you a passionate and dedicated team of employees and sales specialists that can partner with you to develop strategic sales programs, custom-made, made-to- order products and merchandising opportunities.

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Proven Products

Behrens products have stood the test of time. Our products are made from 100% galvanized steel, which is 100% recyclable, sustainable, kinder to the planet and a better alternative to plastic. Our products are a perfect addition to any wholesaler’s inventory.

Our product assortment is expansive, with hundreds of products that can be used for the Backyard Farmer to the Botanist, from the Casual Farmhouse to the Urban Dweller, and choices for most any holiday.

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With a Behrens web account, you can shop our entire product line, view your order status and history, access pricing and more. No need to submit a full application. Simply use the Express registration feature below.

FREE Business Resources

Shopping is more than a transaction. It is a social activity that is part of the fabric of American life. Consumers preferences are always changing. Behrens offers resources that help retailers download e-catalogs, access trend reports, browse our blogs and become a sustainable retailer.

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Ready to Get Started?

We are looking for wholesale retailers who want to work hard to share the Behrens heritage and story in person and online.

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