Metalware Classics

Well made in every way, it all started in 1911 with a passion to create quality metalware products that are functional and that can endure the elements. Our galvanized steel cans, tubs, bushel baskets, pails, and specialty items were created out of need; still useful, now beautiful. From purpose to pleasure, Behrens steel products work harder and are more environmentally responsible and durable than plastic.


Hold Everything

These products are built to last. Made with the highest quality galvanized steel, interlocking seams provide superior strength and offset bottoms keep cans off the ground. From yard waste to trash, holding cold beverages or decorative plants, they work hard and look good around the home, farm, shop, and patio.


Pails & Buckets

Cut Clutter

AND add style with the highest quality galvanized steel that’s both decorative and highly functional. Cleaning and storage solutions are smartly crafted, rust-resistant and come in an assortment of shapes and sizes to get any job done and keep it all tidy.



Round, Square, Oval and Flat Bottomed.

All designed with the highest quality galvanized steel to help you make the most of the great outdoors. Built strong; staying outside through every kind of weather, and built smart; recessed bottoms keep tubs off ground, durable handles make easy to transport.


Utility Pans & Funnels

Catch Every Drip.

These are the utility players: built with the highest quality galvanized steel, they’re durable and made to last. Multiple uses, inside and out; they’re perfect for pet food, machine shops, automotive, around the hearth and home and more.


Watering Cans, Washboards & Vases

Get Soaked and Clean Up

Quality, galvanized classics that do the hard work for you, performing every day, indoors and out.


Fireplace Accessories

A Little Safer, A Little Cleaner

Fireside essentials, understated classics, that never go out of style but keep your flames bright, and your hearth well protected.