Behrens Signature Collection Storage Tubs

Signature Collection Logo by Behrens
Signature Collection Painted Bushel Basket
Signature Collection Logo by Behrens

The son of a hardworking hardware store owner, Henry Behrens was a curious boy. He tinkered and played in his father’s store in Winona, Minnesota. His materials were metal and his motivation; combined to make life better for this thriving, industrial town.

And in this spirit, Behrens’ Signature Collection was inspired. Tried and true classics, revitalized with color, details and today’s intelligent materials.

Melded with true American-made pride, it showcases the durability and strength that’s become synonymous with Behrens with a nod to what’s next; sure to put a twinkle in Henry’s imaginative eyes.

Painted Galvanized Bushel Baskets