How To Container Garden: Get Started Today!

Container gardening, also sometimes called raised planter gardening, is a continuing and hot trend. For over a decade, container gardening ideas have continued to sprout up. Whether it’s adding a splash of color to your urban balcony with a small tub filled with flowers, growing herbs in pots just outside your back door, or creating a mosaic of life and color in your back or front yard, container gardening is a popular pastime these days. Maybe that is because it is ideal for people who live in urban environments, have limited yard space, or small areas of sun in their yards. It opens the possibility to get your inner gardener on and embellish homes without having a wide swath of sunny acreage to till.

But, container gardening is not limited to those of us with postage stamp sized yards. Containers are also being used in large gardens and yards to add extra dimension and design elements, and as a way to change up the garden every year with new annuals set here and there. It is astonishing to see the creativity in container gardening. Both novice and savvy gardeners are taking more risks when designing their containers.

Some notable advantages of container gardening:

  • They’re portable. Depending on the size of your container, your plants and flowers are easily movable, should bad weather threaten.
  • You’ll have less weeding. You might not have any weeding at all. The contained space keeps weeds out naturally, without any chemicals.
  • Diseases won’t spread. Since your plants are in their own houses, so to speak, common soil will not contaminate others if one or more gets diseased.
  • It’s a great way to get started for newbies. Digging up a big patch of lawn is a big commitment, and can be a little scary for people who don’t know a hoe from a spade. Knowing what to plant where, which plants should be adjacent and which should be separated, which spread like wildfire and other gardening secrets can be intimidating. There is so much to know before digging up your yard. But putting some colorful flowers in a container and setting it on your front steps? That’s easy, even for the novice gardener.
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