Easy DIY Home Decor Using Galvanized Steel Containers

At Behrens, our galvanized and hot-dipped steel pails and metal tubs are workhorses that can stand up to anything you need them to do in the shop, on the farm, in the yard or in your garage. We can say with absolute certainty that our founders created Behrens’ steel containers more than a century ago as a tool for hard work. But somewhere along the way, people started discovering their versatile side. Our customers are using them in all kinds of new ways, including home decor. You read that right! Home decor. These products are multi-purpose and they’re the perfect addition to add a touch of trendy farmhouse and industrial aesthetic.

We have a new line, Home Industrials, that include mugs, trays, and tubs for entertaining; pet dishes, metal bird feeders, compost pails, and more. But people are also using our tried-and-true pails and tubs in new ways. The fact that our steel pails and tubs are such eye candy, in addition to being practically indestructible, makes them perfect accessories for, well, just about anything.

Here are a few ways people have been using Behrens’ galvanized steel containers. We think our founders would love it!

Fireplace Accessories

The beauty of hearth and home

Our shiny, galvanized steel bushels make a gorgeous addition to your hearth and home. Large galvanized bushels are good for storage bins, from everything from firewood, kindling, magazines, blankets or your favorite fireplace tools. They also make a dramatic backdrop reflecting the firelight. Add a traditional touch using a coal hod available in traditional galvanized steel finish and black powder coated. Don’t forget the handy shovel!

Galvanized steel bucket holding chopped wood by a fireplace

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