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Small Comfort Grip Handle -Camo 2-Pk


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It isn't the work that gets easier. It's that you get smarter, recognizing innovation that stealthy improves your daily routine. Long lasting, extremely durable handles, for example. A nice choice of color, 2  sizes, they're removable, transferable and of course, stay centered. 100% silicone because we're serious about saving the planet while providing you with the little things to help get the job done!


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Hang on. Get a grip! It's all in your hands.


Behrens Comfort Grips our New and Exclusive slip–on handle grips made from 100% silicone.


Totally Hand Saving

Using a standard handle when lifting and carrying heavy loads can take a toll on your hands. Our patented, high quality, cushy, and tough silicone with a 4–finger design, gives you more hand positions, and control distributing weight over more of the surface area of your fingers. The result, reduce hand strain, and fatigue especially when carrying a load for any distance.


So, Get a Grip

Whether you're a gardener, DIY'er, homeowner, pet owner, handyman, or plumber you'll find the heavier the load, the more you will appreciate a Comfort Grip. The greatest little accessory in your hands.


Silicone is durable, and more ocean–friendly than plastic. It lasts longer and stands up better against heat and cold than plastics. When burned, silicone reverts into its harmless ingredients: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor (unlike plastic which releases toxins when burned).


Steel is Sustainability

Behrens is committed to the environment which is why most of our products are made from 100% galvanized steel. When metal products reach the end of their useful life, the materials are simply collected and recycled, again and again, with no loss of their inherent properties. Steel is the most recycled material on earth. 100% of Behrens Manufacturing scrap is returned to be recycled and converted into new steel products.


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