5 Things to Look for When Sourcing Your Next Retail Product

As a retail owner or purchasing manager, when shopping for products to sell in your store, you have many choices. Why should you choose Behrens? We may be biased, but we think it’s a choice that makes sense.

Sourcing your products is one of the most important decisions you can make. You need to stay on top of (or, ideally, ahead of) trends, watch the market, and above all, keep a close connection to your customers’ wants and needs. It’s not simply a matter of “if you stock it, they will come.” It’s deeper than that. It’s talking to your customers and staff, watching your sales analytics, and simply noticing what’s flying off the shelves and what is collecting dust.

Two current trends that are hot right now and will continue to be in the future are heritage brands and sustainability. Many studies have been done about consumer preferences and trends, all of which find basically the same thing Cone Communications found in their research in 2017:

  • 90% of Americans expect companies they patronize to operate in a way that protects and benefits society and the environment.
  • 76% would boycott a company that supported an issue contrary to their beliefs.

In other words, sustainability matters to consumers.

Built for Now, Made to Last

How many times have you had customers return a product because of poor quality? We believe this happens far too often. We are getting used to disposable everything, from smartphones that wear out at “coincidentally” the same time as an upgrade is released, to non-recyclable or plastic products that end up in landfills, wreaking havoc on our environment. At Behrens, we are on the opposite side of the coin, conscious of our impact on the environment. It is rare to find customers returning our pails, trash cans, metal buckets and other product lines. Behrens Home Industrials line adds a modern, simple twist on classics for the home. Our products deliver rust resistance, erosion prevention, protects from rodents and is kinder to the planet. Behrens products are made from 100% sustainable materials and are 100% recyclable. For 100 years, we have delivered on our promise. Our galvanized steel and hot-dipped galvanized steel products are made to stand the test of time.

While value and an easy buying process are still main drivers for purchase decisions, sustainability is becoming a substantial factor.