Holds Everything in a Variety of Sizes

Pails & Buckets

Cut Clutter and Get Organized


Round, Square, Oval & Flat Bottomed

Comfort Grip

 Slip-On Handles

Reduce Hand Fatigue When Carrying Heavy Loads

Watering Cans & Bird Feeders

Standbys for All

Planters & Composters

Essentials to a Green Thumb

Utility Pans & Funnels

The Utility Players

Dustpans, Trays & Washboards

Essential Clean Up Crew

Fireplace Accessories

Tools to Warm You Up

Kits, Sets, Bundles & More

Get Started with the Basics

Built for Now. Made to Last.

From the outdoors to the indoors, spend each season with our quality, metalware collections.

Heavy-duty galvanized steel that is multi-purpose, weather resistant, 100% recyclable and kinder to the planet.

Five Reasons Why

Behrens is a Better Choice

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel French Flower Bucket

Functional & Decorative

Built to Last Regardless of Application

Behrens Ag and Farm Products

Heavy-Duty & Multi-Purpose

Rodent, Rust and Odor Resistant

Behrens Boot Trays

More Durable & Longer Lasting Than Plastic

100% Recyclable, 100% Sustainable

Behrens Trash Cans

Heritage & Practicality

Made in the USA

Behrens Watering Cans

Superior Structure & Strength

Designed and Engineered to Stand the Test of Time

Indoor composting containers

Indoor Composting

Decorating with metalware

Storage & Planter Cans

Decorating with metalware

Trough Planters